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A package of complete syllabus is provided in individual subjects (maths, physics,chemistry, accountancy & economics) for the preparation of the bpard examination only.


Students View

Divya Singh
IX, C.B.S.E., National Player Of Taekwondo

Our Ascent Institute We enjoy and we learn the things easily because the teaching style of teachers are very good. The teacher teach very politely and those students who can’t understand anything students asks teacher and all the teacher solve the problems of students. Our coaching provides many facilities like library where we take any book. And Internet facilities students wants anythings they can give at last we say Ascent is best.

Shashank Baranwal
Class – Ixth, Board – C.B.S.E. –

This coaching (Ascent Classes) helps students in many ways eg. By providing notes, books etc. The teachers are very much talented and with a high I.Q. power. The students are very few in each batch. I am fully satisfied with this coaching centre. Teachers try to bring courage and remove hesitation from minds of children. Weekly tests are taken every week so that students can evaluate themselves. So, I would like to invite everyone of you to study in my coaching centre – Ascent Classes.

Preeti Suman
Class XII

All teachers of Ascent Class are good. All the teachers have great knowledge in their subjects. He supports us to develop our study. The way of teaching of all the teachers are good. Teachers are understands the problem and point where the students get difficulty and tries to solve it. He makes clear each and every topic by giving his best. All the teachers are best in their subjects. I think that Ascent Class coaching is Best to shape a child future.

Swati Singh
Class – 9th , C.B.S.E.

It is the institution where success starts. It provide us my facilities to do our best. Ascent means climb up and this institution tries to give his students the best knowledge. In our coaching test held at every Sunday to check the progress of the students and the teacher always meet with the parents to know about the students.

Subham Singh
Xth (C.B.S.E.), 2010 – 2011

Myself Subham Singh, and I am the student of class – Xth from Ascent Classes and best in the exams. Ascent Classes provides all the materials related to the projects given by school to a student that saves the time of a student so as he can utilizes this wondering for the materials of projects. Weekly test are conducted to check the ability of students in the mid session and full length tests are taken in the preparation of students in the end session. In every step a student is tested. Every subject is taught with concern and ease by teachers. If any students have confusion, he / she can consult it before or after the class. At last but not the least, I want to say that if you want to do best, join best i.e ASCENT CLASSES.

Pawan Kumar Upadhyay
Class – Xth , C.B.S.E.

I am going to tell you about the splendor institute of Varanasi, known as Ascent Classes. Ascent Classes is best institute in the Varanasi. This provide best education at cheap rate. The teachers of this institute are experienced & trained. They used to give worksheet, notes & many other things which we do not believe. Instead of discouraging students they try to bring courage, remove hesitation & remove the English speeking problem faced by the student. I am studying in this institute since 1yrs & I have experienced that what I have achieved. I can’t believe it after joining this institute I became dark horse player.
Thank You!

Chandan Bhai Rawat
Class – Xth C.B.S.E.

Hello, I am a student of Ascent Classes, which is an institute that can help a student to develop his / her confidence, perfection and interest in studies. Ascent Classes is not just an educational institute but a place where the search of “excellence” takes place. The qualities of Ascent are enough to attract or fascinate a student. In this institute every student is treated as a “special one”. Test are held in every week. Apart from this, it also gives facilities to a student to knockout his / her doubts. Here the employed teachers are of great mentality. Ascent believes on “quality” not in “Quantity”.

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     Jaishankar Sir.
     (Maths Teacher)

He is one of best maths teacher. I have ever met. He understand the problem and point where the students gets difficulty and tries to solve it. He makes clear each and every topic by giving his best.
     Somnath Sir.
     (Science Teacher)

Finally I got a teacher who can make me understand Science and he is somnath sir . because of the clearity and strictness in his teaching, the students are able to understand the topic easly ( specially me).
     Dheeraj Sir.
     (English Teacher )

He gives his best, always and have the capability of teaching the unique things well.
     Ajay Sir.
     (S. Science Teacher )

I never had interest in Social Science. But after being taught from Ajay Sir I have realized its real face according to me he is the best teacher and also very much suitable for teaching SST. He is very much open to student.