About Us

Ascent Classes has definitely proved a hallmark of stepping stone to achieve excellence for shaping the career of students. We invite you to take a bold step, walk through our doors enjoying our educational community. You'll uncover not just the Profession that you imagine, but the knowledge take you their. When making a decision about whether to study in Varanasi, one of the most important things People go through various phases of adjustment when they move from one culture to another.

Ascent Classes came into existence in the year 1999 when a group of teachers led by a young technocrat decided to provide a platform for preparation of National level Engineering and Medical enterance examinations, an area of education which the city of Varanasi, a seat of learning, was lacking in. Since, then it has traversed a long path of glory and success.

We are living in a brutally competitive world where a minor slip can result into voyage to abyss. Years ago the exams were not much hard to achieve success, but now a day trend has been moved to join best place where we can stand strongly. Now a days competition is cut –throat, in that coaching institute play a vital catalytic role to shape your destiny in time bound manner.

We envision a world that values and is transformed by creative, resilient and compassionate leadership. We work with expert teachers who are committed to taking risks, have the courage to lead by example, who think big and who make things happen. We facilitate this transformation through coaching, so that students can build a right approach to attain their set goal.

Why Choose Us

Ascent Classes Classroom and Integrated School Programs are unique in themselves as they ensure the best possible result depending upon the basic potential of the Student and his/her ability to work hard. At Ascent Classes, we have gone to great lengths in designing our Programs both meticulously and strategically. They ensure that while Student is attending classes at Ascent Classes, student is preparing in comprehensively manner which exponentially increases his/her chances of excelling in both academics at school & all future Competitive/Scholastic Exams. To give a ever success to Students going to Class 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12 & 12 passed we have the path-breaking Foundation Programs, which will ensure that Students have a Strong Foundation for any challenge they may have to face in their academic journey.